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A passion for etching  

Ilse Noor, etching, printmaker, graphic fine art, Malaysia, Germany

Ilse Noor is a graphic fine artist who uses etching and aquatint to convey her love for the world she inhabits. This precise art form allows her to add a level of surrealism by transforming the character of objects or to tease out their minute detail. Ilse is an international master etcher and printmaker with over 100 group and solo exhibitions. Her works can be found in public and private collections worldwide.

Ilse Noor, etching, printmaker
Hari belakang II, 1978
Bulan Purnama 1993
Unknown inside of mosque
Taman Impian 1989
Taman Bahagia,
Pintu Gerbang Masjid Kg Hulu Melaka
Hourglass, 1994
Metamorphosis, 1997
I've posted a letter, 1997
18 Selangor Istana Bandar
Kedah Balai Besar
Nasi Lemak, Buah Bidara I, 1996
Penglipurlara, 2002
Pendekar, 1998
Laksamana, 1998
Irama VI (rebab) 2006
Irama V (nafiri) 2006
Istana ajaib
Istana Mestika, 2002

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Website designed by Natalie Noor-Drugan, London, UK.  Photography by Halim Rahim Fine Photography, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 



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